What are permanent lights?

What are permanent lights?

In its simplest form, permanent lighting is a low voltage lighting system that is mounted in channels on the exterior of a building. These lights are connected to a control box, typically found in the garage. All of these lights are then controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet enabling you to control every aspect of their colour, layout and pattern.

But how do they get installed?

Aluminum channels are mounted under the fascia of your home. These typically follow all the gutter lines, peaks and rake lines and come in a variety of channel configurations (above being just one example). The channels house the lights and wires to keep them protected from weather and UV rays, as well as hidden from view. The lights are individually pressed through their holes to ensure they are snug. 

The channel is ordered to best match the colour of your home and cut on-site to perfectly blend in with your home. You get brilliant lighting that is barely noticeable during the day!

Lastly, a control box is installed in a tucked away place in your garage. These hold the power supply and controller for all your lights. When everything is complete, it’s as simple as plugging into a standard 12-volt AC outlet.

How are they controlled?

Everything is controlled by a single app on your phone! Leveraging cloud-based technology, you and your family can each pair to the controller using your smartphone or tablet, and have absolute control over every single aspect of your lighting system. This goes beyond just changing the colours, you get bulb by bulb control over every colour, placement and pattern. Plus, your system is compatible with Alexa and Google home!

What’s special about your lights?

Our lights are truly unique. With the only diode held outside of the channel, you get both the smallest and only omnidirectional lights available, meaning that the light is cast equally in all directions, while being all but invisible during the day, without sacrificing brightness. 

As a low voltage product, your entire system ends with a simple 12-volt plugin just as if you were plugging in another appliance

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