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Why Take Care of Your Gutters

Nothing is more disappointing than a simple build-up of leaves, debris and ice causing leaks in the roof, leading to water seepage in your yard and foundation. Our  Alu-Rex gutter guards help prevent these disasters without you ever stepping foot on a ladder.

Simple and smart, help protect your property from expensive damages caused by water leaks. Custom fit to almost any roofline and professionally installed, it’s a one-time investment that will save you money every year on maintenance and preventable damages.

Gutter cleaning may be the most overlooked part of exterior home aesthetics. If neglected, you will notice unsightly  debris hanging out in them. Even worse, mold and mildew coat the exterior, running the otherwise beautiful aesthetic of your loving home.

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Understanding the Process

Gutter Guards, Cleaning & Polishing

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Using only commercial sourced Alu-Rex products made of robust aluminium, gutter guards use a patented perforated design built to fit all eavestroughs. Protect existing eavestroughs from leaves and debris in the summer, and snow and ice build-up in winter.

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Pad Pal combines our high-powered gutter vacuum, capable of reaching second floors, and hand cleaning for tough to reach areas. Gutters and downspouts are cleared of all debris. Add gutter guards as a one-time investment with a lifetime of benefits.

Gutter polish


A deep wash of the exterior of your gutters is the finishing touch your home deserves. Our polishing process leverages pressure, soft, and hand washing to rejuvenate your gutters exteriors to look as good as the day they were installed

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