RGB Codes and colour assistance

To help you get exactly what you want

The following RGB codes are meant to be starting points in helping you achieve custom colours to your liking. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to achieve the exact colour seen below using it’s code for the following reasons:

  • RGB technology appears different when on a black versus white background. For example, your television has a black background which impacts the way an RGB code will appear, whereas your Trimlight diodes (all pixel type lighting as well) do not have this black background to combine with the RGB codes below.
  • To achieve a “black” colour or light, you must turn off the diode itself, there is no ability to make “black light”.
  • The codes below are meant to act as a starting point only for your custom colours. Some colours will match exactly what you expect, while others will need to be adjusted as they require a black background. For example, maroon on a black screen would be the result of dimming the red which would contrast with the black background to achieve maroon. On the white background of a pixel, you will have to adjust the brightness and code to your liking to achieve a close semblance.  

Commonly used custom colours

The following are commonly requested custom colour codes for when the default colours do not appear how you may want them to

Pure white

  • RGB = (255, 107, 107)
  • RGB = (220, 95, 37)
  • RGB = (255, 150, 100)

Warm white / gold

  • RGB = (255, 155, 15)
  • RGB = (178, 86, 0)


  • RGB = (255, 100, 5)
  • RGB = (255, 100, 0)
  • RGB = (255, 104, 0)
  • RGB = (255, 150, 0)

Industry RGB codes

Green blue RGB codes
Pink cream RGB codes
Red yellow RGB codes
Blue purple RGB codes
Brown white RGB codes
Gray black RGB codes