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Made For Life's Moments​

Make every day a cause for celebration. From birthdays to holidays. From your favourite sports team to everyday accent lighting. Our permanent lighting solution is with you every step of the way as you create memories with your family and friends.

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One-Time Investment, Lifetime of Joy

Never struggle up a ladder (or pay us to!) ever again. With a 25 year lifespan and flexible payment plans for you to choose from, you get all the benefits with none of the hassle... for good.

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The Superior Product You Deserve

Sourced from the original permanent holiday light manufacturer with over 10 years of patented expertise, you can trust us to deliver the highest quality products and exceptional service you should expect from Pad Pal.

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Industry Leading Quality By Trimlight Select

What You Can Expect

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  • 50,000 hours lifetime expectancy means you get over 20 years of luxury lighting
  • 1/10th the energy usage of an incandescent bulb, your energy bill will barely notice the addition
  • Omnidirectional lighting means you get equal luminosity from all directions
  • Cloud based app for control over your light anywhere in the world
  • Millions of customizable colours
  • Built in calendar and timer functions
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  • Lifetime Product Warranty, the only one in the industry
  • 2 year labour warranty for any service calls!
  • Colour matched aluminum to your existing soffits, fascia gutter or drip edge
  • Patented channel design to fit every home, hide all wires from you and keep your lights securely in place
  • Miniscule diodes are barely noticeable even from up close during the day
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  • Trained, insured and timely installation of your lights
  • On-site initial setup and support
  • Walk through of app functionality
  • Completely waterproof diodes, built for the harshest of winters
  • Channels protect wiring from all UV rays
  • Secure installation and indoor control box mount protects against high winds
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  • Full support, before, during and after purchase
  • Post installation support of app usage and light designs
  • Access to custom light designs, tips and tricks
  • Never step foot on a ladder again
  • Use the accent lighting feature for year round visibility and security
  • Low voltage means a safe install and operation

Industry leading quality by Trimlight Select


Choose the ONLY company offering a LIFETIME product warranty

Your permanent lighting questions answered

The lifetime depends on how often your system is in use. On average, Trimlight diodes last between 20-30 years (based on daily nighttime use.) If the lights are left on constantly through the day and night, this will inevitably reduce the lifetime of the lights. 

Pricing relies heavily on the scope of your project and complexity of the install. Prices for the front of a residential home range on average between $3,000 – $6,000. This is a very cost effective project considering the lifetime product warranty, technology in use, and Pad Pal’s numerous payment plan offerings.

Unfortunately no. Your lighting system is designed to be a permanent fixture on the home. While it can be removed, the lights and channel are specifically cut and colour matched to your existing home and would not be able to be adapted to a new home without significant modification.

With a lifetime product warranty, simply contact us and request to have the light replaced. If it’s within the first two years after installation, labour is free too!

Pad Pal is proud to say that Trimlight provides an industry leading lifetime product warranty. This warranty covers any components of the system for the life of those components. When used properly, the components in the system should last 20 to 30 years. If the system is left on 24 hours a day this will significantly diminish the lifetime of the product. 

The industry’s best! Pay the way you want to by asking about one of our many customizable payment plans.

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