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Job Description

Pad Pal is looking for an optimistic and action-oriented individual to join our team. As our Installation Technician, you will be responsible for delivering high-quality permanent LED lighting system installations and maintenance to residential and commercial clients.

You will travel to various job sites throughout your work week. You will be interacting with customers daily throughout our service areas, providing support to enhance the customer experience.

To be successful in this role, you will need to be organized, efficient, and have practical problem-solving skills. Respectful behavior is non-negotiable, as you will be representing the brand and culture of the company.

Working Arrangements

Work from employer site. Working arrangements are based on the scheduled location of the job to be fulfilled. Daily worksite locations may range across the Ottawa/Gatineau region and its surrounding municipalities. You will meet at our office in Nepean Ontario most days before departing for the client site.


Compensation is primarily performance pay based on the installation being performed. An expected daily rate may range from $150 – $400 daily based on your skill level and commitment to providing efficient and high-quality installations. Experienced technicians have the ability to make the equivalent of $40+ hourly.
Additional services or duties performed will be paid at an hourly rate ranging from $17 – $25 hourly.
Sales commission is available for individuals interested in taking a more active role in business operations.

Responsibilities: (This list may not include all the duties assigned)

Install and maintain permanent LED lighting systems
Service existing permanent LED lighting systems
Operate and maintain necessary equipment and tools to safely perform services.
Follow and document activities within standard operating procedures.
Use ladder following safety protocols and standard operating procedures.
Interact in a respectful and professional manner with clients at all jobs sites.

Basic Position Requirements:


Physically able to carry, move and handle tools and equipment weighing 30lbs or more.
Able to bend, climb and stand for extended periods of time.
Able to work outdoors in fluctuating weather conditions for extended periods of time.
Have English speaking abilities to communicate effectively with clients and team members.
Have interpersonal skills to work effectively in teams, relate to clients, solve problems in real-time and sell products and services.
Ability to consistently follow standard operating procedures and document accordingly.
Ability to accurately relay information and to be persuasive with clients when necessary.
Reliable and self-motivated to perform duties to the best of one’s ability on a consistent basis.

Knowledge of basic phone apps including but not limited to: Maps, Chat, multi-use platforms
Knowledge of ladder safety and basic hand and mechanical tools is preferred, but not required

Training of all service delivery you will be performing will be provided on-site with the acting operations supervisors.
Communication, sales, and service delivery training will be provided on an ongoing basis throughout the duration of your employment.
Working Conditions

Must be able to work outdoors for extended periods of time. Work may be performed in the rain and high heat levels during the summer months, as well as snow and freezing temperatures in winter months.
Must be able to start work before standard business hours.
The job environment is fast-paced and focused on delivering high-quality, efficient services while prioritizing customer experience.
The job requires a high degree of “selling”, whether of products and services to clients, or ideas and policies for the improvement of the company.
You will be using company vehicles while onsite. A valid driver’s license is preferred but not a requirement.
You will be responsible for arriving at the designated daily start location by your own means.

Growth opportunity through a focus on the personal development of interpersonal, sales, organizational and problem-solving skills.
Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $150.00-$400.00 per day

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