Are permanent lights worth it?

Before you make a purchase, you want to know if it’s worth your hard-earned money. 

In your case, you’re asking whether permanent lighting for your home is worth the investment. To help, we’ve compiled a list of situations in which permanent lighting may be your best bet. 

Let’s start

Do you hang Christmas lights yourself each year?

Year after year, moms and dads risk their safety climbing ladders to hang Christmas lights. In Canada alone, ladder falls cause approximately 14,000 injuries each year! Even if you do avoid injury, are you ever actually able to reach right up to the tallest peak?

Not only that, but most homeowners are still using store-bought lights. If you’re lucky, they last a few years before starting to burn out. But wait, you have to get back on the ladder in the middle of winter to take them down?

That’s even worse than putting them up. Instead, you have Christmas lights dangling above the garage in July…

If this sounds like you, there is a better way.

Christmas Trimlight

Do you pay for Christmas lights hanging?

You already get your Christmas lights professionally hung. Safety concerns check. But are you getting your money’s worth? In an article published by Home Advisor in January 2022, the average cost of having Christmas lights professionally hung was $960.50.

But remember, this is an annual service. Not only that but those lights you paid for only glow one colour, all the time. In five years’ time, you’ve spent over $4,000 for lights that you only use for 2 months of the year!

Or, you can make a one-time investment in permanent lights. You’re now saving thousands of dollars in the long run. You’re getting a year-round product for every holiday and celebration. Plus, you now have a customizable daily accent and security lighting.

Concerned about the size of the investment? Any reputable permanent lighting company should offer a variety of payment plans. You don’t need to compromise on getting the lighting you want, with terms that work for you.

Do you have spotlights on your home?

You do? Good start, but let me ask

  • Can they be every colour imaginable with a tap of your finger?
  • Can they schedule to turn on and off at set times every single day of the year?
  • Can they be customized to light up specific sections of your home, in any configuration you want?
  • Do they come protected by a lifetime product warranty against possible failures?

And that’s just the start.

You don’t? Well here’s the perfect time to think about adding them. Besides the benefits above, Pad Pal offers you the versatility of standard trimlighting as well as flush-mounted downlights.

These downlights use the same technology with the luminosity and aesthetic of a traditional spotlight.

Choose either option or combine them for the ultimate lighting experience.

Do you like the sound of convenience, safety and luxury for your home?

Of course you do, who would rather vote for inconvenience, danger and deprivation? And you shouldn’t need to!

Permanent lighting offers you 

  • The convenience of no-maintenance lighting, build for every occasion.
  • The beauty of a discreet daytime look, completely blended into your existing home.
  • The safety of never getting on a ladder or roof again.
  • The protection of security lighting.
  • The luxury of a cloud-based app, controllable from anywhere in the world.
  • The versatility of Christmas lights and spotlights.
  • The peace of mind of a lifetime product warranty (With Pad Pal and participating Trimlight dealers only!)
  • The support of industry-leading customer service and a robust homeowner community.
  • The optionality of payment plans built to suit your particular needs (with Pad Pal at least!)

Shall I go on?

So are permanent lights worth it?

This is up for you to decide, but hopefully, this has helped you come to an informed conclusion.

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