About Us

Welcome to Pad Pal

Your home’s best friend. You company’s newest partner. What we’re saying is, we’re so pleased that you found your way to us – finding a trustworthy home or property service provider can be a little bit daunting if you’ve ever had a bad experience with a contractor, company or handyman. You’re in a good place, it’s right in our name. You’ve got a pal in us.

You want to take care of your home. You want to protect your business. You also want to spend more time living on your terms and less time worrying about breaking your home (and sometimes a bone).  We are here to turn those forgettable services into extraordinary experiences.  

Adam Chapman

Where We Started

Pad Pal originated from the hard summer work of co-founder Adam Chapman way back in 2015. Flash forward and his team are bringing their vision to life as being the perfect property service provider. Don’t worry, we know perfection isn’t attainable, but just imagine the experience you receive in the pursuit of excellence. 

We now offer a suite of services for homeowners, businesses and property managers alike. We know what we do, and we do it well. If you’re need a helping hand, Pad Pal is like family, guided by treating each client with the care and attention to detail we give to our mothers.

Our personalized light displays may be what we are best known for, but through the initiative of our founders and team, we are constantly improving the service you receive.

When you spend more time doing what you want to, instead of what you have to do, you’re happier. When you feel the momentum of your business growing, you’re more excited.

Time is YOUR most valuable resource. Spend it the way YOU WANT TO.

See, we may protect your driveway, fix up your parking lot or brighten your day with our light display. But at the end of it all, you get to take back precious hours of your day, to spend it how you want, with whom you want. And that, my friend, is what we’re all about. 

The Pad Pal Difference

The choice of who works on your home shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re walking the red carpet every time they step out of their vehicle. Or rest easy knowing your roof isn’t poised to leak from debris and ice build up in an eavestrough. Or who smiles like a little kid every time the sun goes down and your brilliant lights flick on. 

So you get what you want the first time, we take the time to individually quote every single project. We invest in the right equipment for the jobs we do. We care for our team like they are family, because that’s all we know to do. 

So when it comes to attention to detail, efficient work, and a customer experience your mom would be proud of, you’ll know you’re in the right place when you choose Pad Pal.  

Life’s too short to fall off a ladder…

Take back your time. Your friend is here.